Ingrid offers a variety of workshops and presentations for all ages. 
Below are just a few descriptions of some of her more recent events. 
Please contact her if you have any questions regarding booking, 
or are interested in working with Ingrid to create 
an entirely new workshop or lecture for your event.

GIVING DEATH THE BRUSH OFF: (listen to excerpt above)
Sometimes we don’t understand the meaning of something in our lives until we are confronted with the loss of it. Ingrid shares the stories of people who have taught her about life as they faced the loss of it. Amazed by their tenderness, honesty, and courage to keep their sense of humor, Ingrid explores what it means to give death the brush off.

Growing up as the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher during the "Jesus Movement" deeply impacted Ingrid’s ideas about life, faith, church, and most of all, grace. As she watched hippies find their faith, she also witnessed her own family life crumble. Through stories, monologues and lots of humor, she unpacks the complexities of being a preacher’s daughter and the importance of accepting our humanity as we lean into grace.

We gather stories as we move through our lives. How do those stories define who we are and what we believe about life? What stories do we remember and hold close? Through performance and presentation, Ingrid shares stories and reminds us to live with amazement in our work and in our lives.

A workshop examining the theatre artist’s responsibility to be a mirror to society. How do we as artists reflect "social conscience?" Through a series of exercises and performance-based activities we ask questions that will lead to a greater understanding of the artist's role in social change and transformation.

This workshop focusses on the usefulness of the arts, specifically theatre, in restorative justice and conflict resolution. This workshop can be booked as a one-day event or as part of a three day series. Participants will work with a playwright and professional actors in a variety of activities designed to facilitate active listening, understanding, and reconciliation.